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Serving Hortonville, Greenville,

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Water Heaters


No hot water? No problem! Call the experts at Adam Griesbach Plumbing & Water Conditioning. Whether your water heater is leaking or you woke up to a cold shower this morning, one call to Adam Griesbach Plumbing can solve all your hot water needs.

We service all makes and models and have same-day service, and always at competitive prices. When it comes to hot water, the experts at Adam Griesbach Plumbing & Water Conditioning have the solution to any problem.

Did you know that the average life of a water heater is ten years? If your water heater is at or beyond its expected life, call us for a free estimate to find out how a new high-efficient water heater can save you money.


Frequently asked questions about water heaters…

My water heaters leaking, Can it be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

Unfortunately when your water heater is leaking you have no choice but to replace it.

What is the average life of a water heater?

Although they can last up to 20 years the average life expectancy of a water heater is 10 to 12 years.

What is the best brands that offer water heaters?

There is a lot of good brands out there, we carry and have had the best luck with AO Smith brand of water heaters

How do I tell if my water heater is gas or electric?

If it is electric there Is one wire going to the top of the water heater coming from your breaker box, If it is gas there will be a vent coming off the top of the water heater and a gas line going into the bottom.

Is my gas water heater standard vent or power vent?

A Power vent has a fan on the top that is plugged into the wall and is vented out the side of the house with PVC piping, whereas a standard vent, vents through a metal pipe up into the ceiling or the chimney.

Is a tankless water heater more efficient than a standard water heater?

Yes a tankless is much more efficient however it carries a higher upfront cost.

Why do I have limited hot water?

If it is a gas water heater the tube in the water heater likely needs to be replaced, if the water heater is electric you likely have a bad heating element.

How long does take install a water heater?

On average a standard water heater takes about 2 hours where as a tankless water heater install can take up to a full day.

My water heater started leaking, How long before it needs to be replaced?

Although the water heater can last for a few months while leaking, the best option would be to get it replaced as soon as possible before creating a larger mess or leak!

Do you take the old water heater with you when you are done installing the new water heater?

Yes we include free removal of the old water heater with every new water heater install.

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We take pride in our water heaters!

Adams guys were here and had my water heater replaced quickly. They did an excellent job. Very professional. Thank you

James Brighum

Adam’s team replaced my water heater right away. Seth was very knowledgeable, professional, polite, clean… I could go on and on with the quality of work done. Beyond happy. I highly recommend.

Pamela Christopherson

Highly recommend Adam Griesbach Plumbing! I called with a leaking hot water heater and within 2 hours of calling, I had a new one installed. Pat and Seth were both very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and helpful. The price for installation was very reasonable. I will definitely call again if I have any Plumbing issues.


I rarely comment on line to express my gratitude or issues after completion by a professional service, however ADAM GRIESBACH PLUMBING’s Team were Exceptional Service today when our water heater had a major leak. Adam personally called us early this morning to better understand the condition and assured us that someone will be over in the AM. He also made sure we had the utilities around the water heater shut off, and that a new heater, covered under warranty will be swapped out.

Receptionist SANDY communicated when the Technician SETH will arrive so we planned accordingly. It was very apparent the knowledge this young man has in his trade, he pinpointed the issue with a valve failure, inspected other plumbing valves, outside venting, etc. Very thorough and quick. New heater within with a quick turnaround, very much appreciated Guys!

David G Iwanski

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