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Serving Hortonville, Greenville,

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Water Conditioning

Water Softeners & Filters

The team at Adam Griesbach Plumbing & Water Conditioning specializes in the repair and replacemet water softeners or filtration systems. Whether you are thinking of adding a drinking water system to your home or are in need of iron or sulfur removal, our experts can tackle any issue you are experiencing.

We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service always at a fair price. Call us today for a free estimate and see how we can save you money while providing clean, safe water throughout your entire home.

Frequently asked questions about water heaters…

What type of water softener do you carry?

Although we have access to many brands of water conditioners, The water softeners we carry and install primarily are made by CLACK

How do I know if I need a water softener?

If you notice white spotting on your faucets, glasses, and appliances. Chances are you have hard water and a water softener would be a great option for you.

How much salt does a water softener use?

The water softeners we carry have a computerized meter so they are very efficient and they only regenerate when needed, How hard your water is typically determines how much salt you will end up using.

How will a water softener effect my appliance?

Your appliances will become much more efficient, You appliances will also last much longer with soft water feeding them for operation,

Can you repair an old water softener?

Yes you can get parts for old water softeners, although beyond 12 years the resin bed in a softener loses capacity, and it is usually a better option to replace the water softener after the 10 to 12 year mark.

I have iron heavy water, can a water softener help?

A softener can help with iron heavy water, however if you have an extreme concentration of iron in your water you will also need an iron filtration system installed.

How do I remove sulfur from my water?

Although there are many different options depending on the situation, a compress air filter will likely be the best option for removing sulfur from your water.

What type of drinking water systems do you install?

Depending on if you use city or well water, you have a couple different options ranging from a simple carbon filter to a reverse osmosis system.

I have arsenic or nitrates in my water, how do I get rid of this?

A reverse osmosis can help greatly reduce any amount of nitrates or arsenic that can be in your water.

What size softener should I have installed?

Depending on the hardness and Iron levels in your water, We can test to determine what softener options can work best for you.

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Hear more from our customers!

I’ve used multiple plumbers over the years, but once I found Adam Griesbach Plumbing I never used anyone else. They are the best. Not only professionally, but they are always cost effective and friendly and trustworthy. They have always tried to make things easier and accommodate my needs despite their busy schedule. I can’t recommend anyone better.

Pamela Marrache

Installed my dishwasher when Home Depot couldn’t. Came back and replaced our 20 year old water softener and pressure tank. Very reasonable, fast and responsive. Will definately be using them again if we have any other plumbing projects.

Teri Massey

I needed a new water softener system and Adam was super helpful. He gave me several options and explained the plus and minus of each. The installation was painless and perfectly done. Thanks guys!

Daniel Battaglia

Adam and his guys do terrific work! I have used Adams company on several occasions. They always answer and respond to your call in a timely manner. They did an awesome job replacing all the plumbing in my older home and repairing my water softener. They also installed a reverse osmosis system to properly filter our drinking water. We recently moved and they were able to take care of a sump pump issue I had at the new home. The sump pump now has a battery alert system installed so when the pumps are not working properly they alert you! Adam and his company have top notch customer service and would highly recommend them to anyone with plumbing or water conditioning needs.

Receptionist SANDY communicated when the Technician SETH will arrive so we planned accordingly. It was very apparent the knowledge this young man has in his trade, he pinpointed the issue with a valve failure, inspected other plumbing valves, outside venting, etc. Very thorough and quick. New heater within with a quick turnaround, very much appreciated Guys!

Justin Higgins

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